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GTA 6 APK Download For Android & IOS


Gaming is become the largest source of entertainment after the release of android phones. There are thousands of games there in online market which people play daily. Today, I am sharing one of the most famous and old game with you and that is GTA 6 APK Beta for android & IOS mobile. This is the PC game but now it is available for android smartphones and you can play it easily in you smartphone.

We all know that Grand Theft Auto series are full of adventure, action and attraction game for us. There are a lot of features of this game and we’ll explore all of them here step by step. This is because people want to know everything about this game. So, let’s discuss each and every feature of GTA Vice City for android.


A lot of people are fan of this GTA 6 APK game because in this single game, you can discover or experience everything. You’ll find all the options here you can go anywhere and you can do anything. This open world game totally changed the gaming market and people still love it. GTA has other parts as well like GTA 5, vice city & San Andreas. All parts are available for smartphones.

Seeing the increase of gaming, developers take special care of mobile gaming and they use such technology that can run every kind of game there. So you can play high graphics games easily in mobiles. We all know that GTA 6 Android is a high quality game for that reason everyone wants to play it in their free time. The main thing is that you can play it without having internet connection. This makes this game so popular even in this era. You’ll never get bored or regret while playing the game.

GTA 6 APK Trailer

 File Features 

Bellow we are going to discuss some main features of GTA VI APK game. I am sure these features will attract you more to this game.


Map is the important option for every action or adventure game because without it, you cannot choose where to go. So basically GTA 6 APK is providing you perfect map feature and you can easily find your destination.


If you ever stuck in hard job, you can use any kind of cheat. Yes, you hear it right because this Grand Theft Auto 6 is providing you many incredible codes that will help you to complete any job.


Like other GTA series, this game also have a lot of missions that can never get you bored from playing the game.

Screen Quality

If you want to explore high level graphics, then just play this GTA 6 APK and rest you’ll know that how much amazing graphics this game is providing you.


Mod Versions

If you want custom player, you can design it yourself or can download any script of modded version. By playing modded version, you’ll have your desired player and you’ll enjoy more.

Audio Options

Without audio, no game can amaze us because of our interest. This GTA 6 is providing you high-quality and multi sound qualities. Every character has its own unique voice. So it’ll be more pleasant for everyone.

Game Play

When we see its game play, it is clear that we can do a lot of things here. A lot of missions are there to be completed and you’ll be thankful to know that each mission has a unique job to do. The missions are so easy to be understood.


How to Download GTA 6 Android & OBB Data? 

The downloading process of GTA 6 Android is pretty different from other games.First  you need to download GTA 6 APK file from the given link. The downloading speed depends on your internet speed. So, once the download will complete then you need to download the OBB files. Make sure you’re using fast speed internet so you can download the game easily and without waiting.

 How to Install GTA 6 on Android & OBB Data? 

Once you download both APK file and OBB data, then you need to install the APK file on your device. After installation, extract the OBB data from any archive tool. Then you need to copy the OBB files and paste them in game folder. Then you can play the game. As above, I said the installation method is quite different but it is so easy. Anyone can do it without any problem. Hope you all get it.


  • Different cars
  • Multi characters
  • Unique places
  • Multi resources
  • Cool missions

Android Requirements GTA IV

As this game is unique, so there are some requirements of this game. Bellow we’ll discuss about some mobile options. If your mobile don’t have these requirments, then this game will not work in your mobile.

  • Your android ram should be at least 2GB
  • Make sure your mobile have 2GB free space

If your mobile have these options, you can play the game without any issue.

 Final Verdict 

So, this was the guide, tips and download link of GTA 6 APK which we also call GTA VI. If you have read it carefully, then I am sure you can easily get the game. Everyone is looking for entertaining sources. So this game will do their job easily and if you are one of them you can enjoy your bore moment with this game.

The most important thing about GTA games is that they are offline games and needs no internet. Sometimes, we don’t have any access to internet and we also want to enjoy our time. So this game is really perfect for you. This game will expert you and you can play any other class game so easily.

Some people still have questions in their mind and they want to clear their questions. If you are one of them, you can freely ask us in the comment section. Our team will try to clear your confusions as soon as possible. If you like this game, you can share it with your friends and you can enjoy the gaming moments with them. It’ll be more enjoyable for all of you.

Don’t forget to read the requirements carefully. Otherwise you’ll end up by getting nothing and also you’ll waste your time. Good luck and happy gaming.

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