GTA 6 APK Mobile Download For Android Phones 2020

GTA 6 APK, The Most awaited game of all time Grand Theft Auto 6 by Rockstar is out now and like all the previous GTA series.

Rockstar Never disappoints its players and like all the games in the series GTA 6 is already attracting the attention of everyone.

After the announcement of GTA 6 PC and Consoles a HUGE number of players booked the game before it was even released and soon after the release of GTA 6 it was said that the record of the highest sales of any game was broken within the first few weeks of the release.

But Now that Rockstar has released GTA 6 APK game for android a huge number of android players are downloading this game on their mobile phones. So now you don’t have to worry about buying a high-end PC to play this master piece but you can just go ahead and grab this for free on our site, and you can also download GTA 6 IOS for Apple Devices.


The Download link is present at the End of this page.

The Changes in GTA 6 Android

Unlike All the other GTA games before GTA 6 comes with different surprises for its players.

Grand theft auto 6 is developed keeping in mind the story of a want to be drug lord who deals drugs and eventually climbs up to that next level and makes connection with more powerful drug lords.

The story is more like the Netflix series “Narcos” based in the vice city and South American areas.

* The game is a combination of ideas taken from the older Rockstar Games like the player would only have single weapon on him and no other weapons in pockets or backup just like Red Dead Redemption unlike the other GTA games and also the game will have more subtitle reading as in Max Payne like watching an immersive movie.

* You can store all the weaponry and stuff in the trunk of the car which you can pick up at any time.

* The armor unlike other GTA series might be visible in this one.

* Another main focus of the game would be the weather system, like introducing hurricanes and tornadoes.

* There will be a large prison in the game which will play an important part in the story.

* As the Time passes the older the car/building get the more expensive they will be.

* The whole story will be set in the time of 1970s/80s and also the soundtrack from that time will be added.

* There will be a balance of Arcade and realism in this game and most likely not be as realistic as the Red dead redemption.

* Instead of the mission system the Chapter system will be introduced in this game like Red Dead Redemption 2.

GTA 6 Gameplay

GTA 6 APK Requirements

In order to run this game in your mobile devices you must have:

You need to have 3 GB Ram or Higher.

You must have 1GB storage free or more.

Android version 5 or above is needed.

Screen resolution up to 720p is supported.

How to Download GTA 6 APK

In order to download this game:

Firstly you have to go to settings and Allow Download from unknown sources.

Then click on the Download button and select a download path for the apk.

The download will take a few minutes.

Once the download is finished you have to open the Apk file and it will ask you to install apk.

Hit Install and wait for the installation to complete.

Once it’s finished you can Enjoy GTA 6 and have hours of FUN! For Free.

GTA 6 APK User experience

Just after we uploaded the GTA 6 APK on the website thousands of gamers around the globe downloaded the APK and played the game for hours and shared their personal experience with us.

GTA 6 is one of the best games available in the market for android with stunning graphics and visuals. The level of details in every mission is out class. It keeps the player mesmerized by the looks and feel of it.

GTA games are highly known for the interactivity with the environmental objects and as well as the people inside of it and not just ppl but animals also. In GTA 6 APK you can interact with many kinds of animals from dog sheep’s cow’s lions and many other animals.

You can also ride a few of them like horses and cows which just adds a very nice feel to it.

Police chases has also been one of the favourite part of GTA gameplay and nothing beats that thrill we get as the number of heat rises.

In GTA 6 new type of police vehicles are introduced which are way faster and way more destructive than ever.. Fighter jets, Police tanks, Helis and tons of other police transport has been introduced.

And it is not just the new wheels added to the game but also the police is now able to confiscate illegal firearm if they find any on the character. So you have to more careful before messing with the police. But when has that ever stopped us from doing so right?

There are tons of other great features introduced in this new part so why not grab the GTA 6 APK and explore the whole new world of outlaws and be a King?

Our Personal experience

Our Team tried and tested the game on different android devices and played through the end of the game and we have to say that it is one of the most unique game we have ever played till date with tons of plot changes and twists and endless fun. We were able finish the game in around a week and went through all the missions and side tasks.

And overall it was an Amazing experience that players can now get on their mobile devices. So what are you guys waiting for?? Go ahead complete the game and share your experiences with us!

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Don’t Forget to Share it. Enjoy playing.

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